Hello world!

It’s fascinating how such a simple phrase which is likely to have been uttered in different context throughout human history has now become, and ever will be, typecast to computer programmers, tech types, and general geeks. In every programming language and development platform, there is a lesson plan that starts with creating a Hello World file–an exercise that allows the creation of something that announces itself to the world.

I don’t doubt that Cavemen were writing some form of “Hello World” on the biggest rock they could find. Self awareness is an ability to say Hello to the world and recognize one’s place in it. Philosophers have been contemplating the meaning of “Hello World” for centuries. Computer Programmers laugh at it and joke about the implications of Self Aware Artificial Intelligence computers.

Maybe I should be introducing myself in this post and writing about my history and experience in tech, but I’ll save that for another topic. This post is just to say hello to the world.

Hello World!

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